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Ghafar Tajmohammad worked in a freelance artist capacity to support the Family and Community Programme at the British Library during Refugee Week 2022.

The British Library has been working extensively with the Afghan Refugee Community currently housed within Central London. Ghafar used his creative practice and heritage to explore our collections and creatively reinterpret some of our Afghan illuminated manuscripts for this audience. He explored geometry and pattern in a range of creative activities that met the different audience needs, encouraging families to work together, explore their cultural heritage and have fun.

Activities included a led activity using rulers and compasses to explore how complex patterns within our illuminated manuscripts were created. This was popular with older children due to its mathematical elements and opportunities to experiment with new equipment to create a wide variety of designs. Also very popular, were Ghaf’s beautifully crafted geometric ‘jigsaws.’ These were handmade jigsaws of various sizes in which tessellating shapes could be placed to create different patterns, and fill the board. The shapes used were all inspired by our manuscripts and could be decorated and personalised by the families.

Ghafar co-delivered two drop in 90 minute workshops onsite for Afghan Refugee Families within their hotels on the 31st May 2022. He then delivered the same workshop on Saturday 25th June 2022 onsite at the British Library for both Afghan Refugee Families and other local families as part of our Refugee Week events programme. He worked with a wide range of families with children ageing from 2 to 16. He was a good communicator, working alongside the families to share his practice with them, explain activities and explore the collection items behind his inspiration.

Rebecca Campbell-Gay

Family and Community Programme Manager

British Library

Sharing our Stories

June 2022

Weinrebe Learning Centre, The Britsih Libary, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB

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