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This multimedia art installation was made in 2019 for my final degree show as part of my Bachelors of Art in painting. This was the outcome of a year long live project I undertook, It consisted of five paintings, 4 framed drawings, wallpaper and lasercut MDF.  The project was awarded funding by Scott Meads through the Meads Final Project Awards. 


The use of motifs, imagery, and geometry explores how two originally distinct cultures coexist through dual identities. Demonstrated by the wallpaper which combines Arabesque patterns with William Morris designs to generate that acted as a visual representation of hybrid identity. 

Painting pigments

Each of the painting goes through a distemper process using rabbit skin size and dry pigments to dye the cotton canvas. There is a discussion to be had on the use of the pigments which were, cinnaber, lapis lazuli, orpiment, Egyptian blue and Naples yellow. Each of these selected pigments spoke of a specific country where the materials could be found. 

Geometric drawings 

The framed drawings are of a 12 point geometric pattern drawn with ruler and compass, which is a traditional method for islamic geometric craft taught to me during a short course in the Prince School of Traditional Arts.


The live project that I undertook began during a pilgrimage in Iran, Masshad where I visited Iman Reza's Mosque. This site inspired me to create an installation piece as the outcome of the live project to recreate an immersive experience for viewers. 


June 2019 

45- 65 Peckham Rd, London SE5 8UF 

Exhibition details

Exhibition partnership

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